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March 6, 2009


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Yehoshua has it written as such,
“Choose you today whom you shall serve, whether the gods of the forefathers ([Ba’al[s] for there are many]) or YHVH Elohim of hosts, who commands men [hidden in heart] to repent everywhere! This includes women, children and of every nation and every tongue [language].
For one day, He is coming for those who believe in Him, His one time [done for us] sacrifice “Yahushua haMashiach” which means ‘chosen One’ Anointed of Yah, The Only One who knows all manner of good and evil.


June 28, 2008

Opening up to the world of our people, all people welcome

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Come and see for yourself the information that we are kept from hearing.

Do you realize that the ‘government’ is not even aware of how they mold into the hands, of the ruler of this world?

There are many who will be deceived, in the last days.
I was in the mindset of ‘oh, my…’ I didn’t know that!

Well, much to despair I have been awakened and to faith, which is the substance of things hoped for, EVIDENCE OF THINGS UNSEEN!
I challenge you to take a look, as I set up these links, also in the Bible, all of it, the examples of things which were, were to be; have come into place, on earth.

We all have been decieved and there’s one who has the truth, That’s YHVH [who we were told is called God, but is He like unto all others gods???
I think not!

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